James Tomalin

Executive Producer

James has worked in broadcast television for many years. He began his career as a music composer, scoring documentaries for the BBC, Channel 4 and numerous other broadcasters. He then developed into producing television programmes and has worked on hundreds of hours of corporate, educational, advertising and broadcast projects.

Samantha Cooper


Sam is an experienced producer who has worked in production planning, budgeting, casting and media development across a broad range of drama, documentary and marketing videos for the business and educational sectors. She recently completed the National Film and Television School production management course in Broadcast Documentary.

Matt Greetham

Head of Post Production

Matt oversees all the video editing, animation and motion graphics work at Oxford Digital Media, appraising the technical requirements of projects and assigning post-production resources. A professional video-editor with more than ten years experience, he runs a team of three in-house editors as well as working with external editors and graphic designers.

Ross Anderson


Ross studied Media Production at Northampton University and has worked on hundreds of videos for numerous brands and educational publishers. He is also an English Language Teacher and has worked on ELT videos for the Spanish and International markets.

Hannah Veale

Development Producer

Hannah has worked on a wide variety of history, factual entertainment and science documentaries. She was AP on Grierson Award-nominated series Jesus: Rise to Power (Nat Geo), achieved a TV exclusive for the documentary Gospel of Jesus’ Wife (Smithsonian), and in 2013 was AP for Channel 5’s Super Skyscrapers.

Mike Tomlinson

Producer and Director

Mike Tomlinson is an experienced broadcast documentary film-maker, specialising in science, technology and health subjects. He has written and directed films for BBC2’s Horizon series, BBC1’s QED, Channel Four’s Equinox and WGBH Boston’s Nova. He has also made programmes for ITV, Discovery, BBC2’s Newsnight and Channel Four’s Dispatches.

Warren Green

Head Cameraman

Warren leads our camera team and manages our high-end filming. He is a highly proficient lighting cameraman who has worked across documentary, entertainment, news, sports and live events for numerous UK and International broadcasters.

David Evans

Motion Graphics / Animator

David leads the development and management of our animation and motion graphics projects. As well as being an accomplished video editor, he is an advanced user of After Effects and has in-depth knowledge of all elements of the Adobe Creative Suite.

Warren Gee

Motion Designer and Editor

Warren has been working with global brands for nearly 10 years and is a multi-skilled practitioner and advanced user of the Adobe Creative Suite. Having worked in FinTech, Hair & Beauty and Education sectors, he brings a wide range of experience to any project.

Liza Al-Zir

Production Manager

Liza ensures our projects run smoothly and efficiently. A seasoned video production specialist, she started off in post production & digital colouring and has worked on numerous commercials for well-known fashion & retail brands.