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  • Audio Recording Studio
  • Neumann and AKG Microphones
  • Soundproofed Vocal Booth
  • Control Room with Countryside Views
  • Music Composition and Recording
  • Live Broadcast Capabilities
  • High-End Audio Plugins
  • Remote Dial-In for Producers
  • Talent Booking
  • Expert Audio Technicians
  • Logic Audio and ProTools
  • Relaxed and Creative Environment

Audio Recording, Dubbing and Music Recording Studio

We have a dedicated audio-recording area where we record voice-overs, radio dramas, podcasts, music, and audio books. There is a large and comfortable green room next to the studio where clients can sit in on sessions or be present at the mixing and dubbing stages. The client area also contains our music workstation where we compose, record, and produce music and sound effects for our productions. We have a large portfolio of voice-over artists, presenters and actors who regularly contribute to both our own and client projects.

Within our studio we use Logic and ProTools as our chosen recording software. Running our Neumann and AKG microphones through high-end Avalon mic pre-amps into Apogee D/As, we can record voiceover direct to picture. Clients can attend recording sessions in person in our control room or, through our implementation of Source Connect, Zoom and Teams, they can join remotely without having to be physically present. Clients who have taken advantage of this include the BBC, CNN, numerous broadcast production companies as well as major audio book publishers such as Penguin / Random House.

Do get in touch on 01865 241007 or contact us so we can show you some of the brilliant work we have done for other clients and have a chat about what we might be able to do for you!