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Generating creative ideas for animating a script involves a combination of imagination, storytelling skills, and an understanding of animation techniques. Here at Oxford Digital Media, we make sure we:

Read and understand the script: We begin by thoroughly reading and analysing the script to grasp its core elements, characters, themes, and key moments. We pay attention to the emotions, actions, and dialogues within the script. Working collaboratively, we then share ideas!

Visualize the scenes: Visualizing how each scene will transition and how different elements will fit together is important. We consider movement, setting, shape, size and any special effects that might enhance the storytelling.

Research and gather references: A lot of our more complex projects are specific to a certain business sector where accurate representation is a must! We conduct research to gather visual references related to the script’s themes, time periods, or any specific elements mentioned in the story. We also take the time to go back and forth with our clients to make sure they are happy with these.

Develop a storyboard: We create a storyboard that outlines the key moments and visual sequences of the script. A storyboard serves as a visual roadmap, helping us to plan the composition, camera angles, and pacing of the animation.

Incorporate creativity and innovation: We challenge ourselves to think outside the box and introduce creative elements that engage the consumer. We also experiment with different animation and graphical techniques for a more unique outcome.

Seek feedback and collaborate: We depend on the feedback from each other and from our client. The perspectives and feedback we receive can provide valuable insights and help refine our creative ideas.

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