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Autocue; also known as teleprompter, is a device that displays text on a screen or monitor in front of a camera. This allows the interviewee to maintain eye contact with the camera.

Using autocue can help improve the delivery and clarity of the spoken message in a video by allowing the presenter to focus on their delivery and engaging with the camera/audience, rather than having to divide their attention between reading their script and presenting. Autocue can also help to ensure that the presenter stays on track and doesn’t deviate from the script, which can be especially helpful for long or complex presentations.

Here’s some top tips when reading from an autocue:

⁃                Make sure to pace your dialogue. Just remember that the autocue will follow your lead, not the other way around!

⁃                The teleprompter can be used for full scripts or just key points, just work out what works best for you!

⁃                Try to relax and be natural as you read. The autocue is there to help you, not hinder you. With a little practice, you’ll be able to deliver a smooth and professional performance using an autocue. We can offer autocue training sessions for your company so make sure to get in touch at

We look forward to getting your next project up and running!