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One-minute pitch to video? Make every second count

By June 15, 2016June 16th, 2016Blog

If you’re an entrepreneur with a great story, a one-minute video is a great way to tell it.  The production doesn’t need to be complicated – a simple piece to camera can be very effective.  

The key to success is preparation, to ensure you get all your messages across and make every second count.

Here are a few guidelines to get you started:

Speak to one person  Have your prospect in your mind when writing your script and speak to them. You’ll be more focused this way. Try reading your script out loud when you’re working on it, making adjustments to ensure you sound natural.

Keep it simple  You can’t say everything, so think carefully about what your viewer would love to hear.  Avoid jargon and complex language – you want your message to be clear, simple and memorable.

Make it personal Your viewer wants to hear from YOU, so make your personality come across.

Visualise Your viewers will be listening and watching.  Support your words with simple visuals and, if there’s no budget for cutaways, use some props.

Make your brand stand out Ensure your viewers remember your name and your brand.  Don’t let them confuse you with someone else.

Repeat and summarise Make your key points several times in different ways. Get the message home.

What to wear?  Think back to that single prospect and how you’re trying to connect with them. In other words, dress as you would if you were meeting that prospect.  And avoid fine stripes or checks.

An outline sketch of how to use that 60-seconds:

Introduce yourself – who you are and why you are in business. 5 secs

What is it that people need? Explain, in simple terms, the problems your idea will solve. 10 secs

What is your solution? Describe what your idea does that wasn’t possible before. What opportunities does it open up for the buyer or user? 10 secs

Why is your solution best? What’s the compelling reason to buy from you? 10 secs

Why should anyone believe you? What makes you capable, what are your credentials, your passion for this idea? 10 secs

What’s your plan?Your next landmarks. Capture your viewer’s imagination about the future possibilities. 10 secs

Finally … summarise your business in one sentence.  Say why it will make the world a better place. 5 secs.