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Professor Bulte’s Incredible Medical Machines

By July 21, 2017Blog

Professor Bulte’s Incredible Medical Machines

For anyone who has been in hospital and wondered at the various machines and gizmos in use, our next series of factual films is one to look out for.

We have just launched onto YouTube the first in a new collection of bite-sized factual films.  Based on our close links with University of Oxford academics, we are making factual series on topics with a wide interest among the public.  The films are designed for online viewing, covering their topics in a series of short, easily digestible, episodes.

The first is a three-part series of 6-8 minute films, ‘Professor Bulte’s Incredible Medical Machines’. Oxford University physicist and MRI expert Daniel Bulte leaves his lab to discover the remarkable science and history behind the technology in modern medicine.

The project came about when Daniel approached us in response to our callout to academics to come forward with ideas for potential factual programmes.  We were incredibly impressed by his infectious enthusiasm for his subject and his natural ability to communicate complex science on camera.  

The series marries Daniel’s enthusiasm for science, history and engineering in a unique way. Over the last century, advances in technology have led to astounding medical advancements and we are all now living longer, healthier lives thanks to some incredible medical machines. Travelling between oak panelled science museums to clinical environments and labs, Daniel explores the breakthroughs that led to their discovery, dispels common myths, and discovers what we can expect from future medical engineering.