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Superfast broadband gives us the edge

By January 23, 2017Blog

ODM Editor Matt Greetham in our client edit suite

Handling data in digital media production today is a complex operation because of the huge volumes involved in digital video, audio, animation and graphics. So when we moved to new premises recently we took advantage of the fast broadband service on offer from regional provider Gigaclear.  The service really has given us the edge when it comes to sharing and storing data.   

Our business relies heavily on the ability to effectively share and store media files.  Huge amounts of data go back and forth between clients and stakeholders while projects are under way.  All of these files are kept on our servers in a RAID storage system which currently handles around 56 Terabytes (a Terabyte is 1,000 Gigabytes).  When finished and delivered, we archive our clients’ projects on tape in a secure, industry-standard format (see our recent post on Archiving).

The Gigaclear service gives us the bandwidth and speed to expand and strengthen our data handling and archiving. For example, we now use an Amazon service to back up all our RAID storage online and this provides incredible reOsilience for storing our clients’ projects in a secure, offsite backup. We simply couldn’t have done this without the Gigaclear bandwidth.

Looking ahead, Gigaclear broadband will also enable us to easily live-stream video direct from our studio.  This will be a valued service for enterprises who wish to run live events in a news studio-style setting.

So watch this space as we continue to develop our service offerings.  For now, the fast broadband service ensures files are shared with clients quickly, securely and without fuss.