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The Benefits of a Promotional Video!

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Creating a promotional video can offer several benefits for businesses and individuals alike. They can help to promote your business, product, or event, and expand your outreach and brand awareness. Videos have a higher chance of capturing and retaining viewers’ attention compared to text or images.

A promotional video allows you to showcase your brand’s personality, values, and unique selling propositions. By presenting a visually appealing and compelling video, you can enhance brand recognition and differentiate yourself from competitors. Videos also provide an excellent medium for storytelling. You can use visuals, music, voiceovers, and other creative elements to convey your message in a more emotive and impactful way. Storytelling helps create a connection with your audience, making your message more memorable and influential.

Getting good traction on your promotional videos will only boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Platforms like YouTube, which is the second-largest search engine after Google, provide an opportunity for your video to rank high in search results. Optimizing your video’s title, description, and relevant keywords can help increase your online visibility and attract more organic traffic. Social media platforms prioritize video content. So, sharing promo videos on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can significantly expand your reach.

Let’s talk about content. Videos can effectively convey complex information in a concise and easily digestible format. By visually demonstrating your product or explaining your service, you can help viewers better understand its value, features, and usage. Additionally, studies suggest that people remember information better when presented through videos compared to text alone. A well-produced promo video can establish trust and credibility with your audience. By showcasing testimonials, demonstrating expertise, or presenting real-life examples, you can instil confidence in your brand, products, or services.

Remember, the success of a promo video depends on various factors such as content quality, production value, target audience relevance, and effective distribution strategies. Get in contact with us to find out more

Using After Effects to Make Graphics

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Using After Effects to create graphics offers numerous benefits that contribute nicely to our work! Here are some reasons why we use Adobe After Effects to make some of our graphics.

Powerful Animation Tools: After Effects is renowned for its robust animation capabilities. It provides a wide range of tools and features to create complex and dynamic animations for graphics. Keyframe-based animation, easing controls, and interpolation options give you precise control over movement, timing, and transitions, resulting in smooth and polished animations.

Integration with Other Adobe Creative Cloud Apps: After Effects seamlessly integrates with our other Adobe Creative Cloud applications, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. This integration allows for easy import of graphics, illustrations, and assets from these programs into After Effects, enabling us to leverage their capabilities and create more complex and detailed graphics.

Extensive Effects and Presets: After Effects offers a vast collection of built-in effects, filters, and pre-sets. These effects range from basic adjustments like colour correction and blurs to advanced visual effects such as particles, lights, and 3D rendering. Additionally, we can create and save our own custom effects and presets, enabling efficient workflow and consistency in branding.

Professional Output: After Effects offers high-quality output options, allowing us to export your graphics in various formats, including video files, image sequences, or animated GIFs. We can customize the output settings to match our desired specifications, ensuring that our graphics retain their quality and fidelity when shared or used across different platforms and media.

In summary, After Effects provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features that make it a powerful and versatile software for creating graphics. Its animation tools, integration with other Adobe apps, extensive effects library, 3D capabilities, motion tracking, typography options, and professional output options make it a go-to choice for designers and visual effects artists seeking to create visually stunning and engaging graphics. Take a look at our work.

Wondering How to Promote Your New Platform?

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One type of animation that people do not think of often is screen capture. We use screen capture along with animation pieces to build peoples’ platforms into explainer style content for their customers! This can be an easy solution to explaining your platform quickly and easily.

Visual demonstration: Screen capture animations provide a visual way to demonstrate a process, explain a concept, or showcase a tutorial. By capturing the actions performed on a screen, viewers can easily follow along and understand the steps involved.

Clarity and precision: Screen capture animations allow you to precisely capture and highlight specific areas of a screen, making it easier to convey information accurately. You can zoom in on certain elements, emphasize important details, and control the pacing of the animation for better clarity.

Reproducibility: With screen capture animations, you can create reproducible content that can be shared or used for training purposes. It ensures consistency in the delivery of information, allowing viewers to refer back to the animation whenever needed.

Timesaving: Instead of explaining complex processes or tasks verbally or through text-based instructions, screen capture animations save time by providing a visual representation that is often easier to understand.

Accessibility: Screen capture animations can be a helpful accessibility tool. Visual learners can better grasp information through demonstrations, and those with hearing impairments can follow along with visual cues. Additionally, animations can be complemented with closed captions or transcripts to enhance accessibility further.

Engaging content: Compared to plain text or static images, screen capture animations are often more engaging and interactive. They can captivate viewers’ attention, convey information more effectively, and make learning or understanding a topic more enjoyable.

Whether it’s for educational purposes, software demonstrations, troubleshooting, or sharing knowledge, screen capture animations provide an effective and versatile medium for conveying information in a clear and engaging manner.

Animating ideas!

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Generating creative ideas for animating a script involves a combination of imagination, storytelling skills, and an understanding of animation techniques. Here at Oxford Digital Media, we make sure we:

Read and understand the script: We begin by thoroughly reading and analysing the script to grasp its core elements, characters, themes, and key moments. We pay attention to the emotions, actions, and dialogues within the script. Working collaboratively, we then share ideas!

Visualize the scenes: Visualizing how each scene will transition and how different elements will fit together is important. We consider movement, setting, shape, size and any special effects that might enhance the storytelling.

Research and gather references: A lot of our more complex projects are specific to a certain business sector where accurate representation is a must! We conduct research to gather visual references related to the script’s themes, time periods, or any specific elements mentioned in the story. We also take the time to go back and forth with our clients to make sure they are happy with these.

Develop a storyboard: We create a storyboard that outlines the key moments and visual sequences of the script. A storyboard serves as a visual roadmap, helping us to plan the composition, camera angles, and pacing of the animation.

Incorporate creativity and innovation: We challenge ourselves to think outside the box and introduce creative elements that engage the consumer. We also experiment with different animation and graphical techniques for a more unique outcome.

Seek feedback and collaborate: We depend on the feedback from each other and from our client. The perspectives and feedback we receive can provide valuable insights and help refine our creative ideas.

Find out more and look at our Animation Showreel.

A new perspective: Unlocking the Power of Drone Footage!

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Let’s talk about Drone footage! Drones offer a unique perspective, allowing for stunning aerial views and sweeping shots that would be difficult to achieve with traditional cameras. With advancements in technology, even consumer-grade drones can capture high-resolution footage with smooth movements, providing a cost-effective alternative for filmmakers, content creators, and enthusiasts alike. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits and practical tips for effectively using drone footage in your videos.

Adding a Cinematic Touch: Whether you’re creating videos for personal use, vlogs, marketing campaigns, or short films, drone footage can instantly add a cinematic touch to your visuals. Aerial shots provide a sense of grandeur, scale, and awe-inspiring beauty that can captivate viewers from the very first frame.

Showcasing Location and Context: If your video revolves around a specific location, such as a premises, area, or event coverage, drone footage is a game-changer. It allows you to showcase the surroundings, capture stunning landscapes, and provide an overall context that enhances the viewer’s understanding and connection to the place.

Enhancing Storytelling and Narrative: Drone footage can play a crucial role in enhancing your storytelling and narrative structure. Consider using aerial shots as establishing shots to set the scene, create anticipation, or transition between different locations. Drones can provide unique angles and perspectives that add depth and visual interest to your videos, enriching the overall storytelling experience.

Dynamic Movement and Smooth Transitions: One of the standout advantages of drone footage is its ability to capture dynamic movement and seamless transitions. Drones can smoothly glide through the air, ascend, descend, or orbit around subjects, allowing for creative and fluid camera movements. By incorporating such shots into your videos, you can create a sense of flow, keep your viewers engaged, and add a professional touch to your production.

Planning and Safety Considerations: To effectively utilize drone footage in your videos, it’s crucial to plan your shots and ensure safety. Familiarize yourself with local drone regulations and obtain any necessary permits or licenses. Plan your flight paths, consider weather conditions, and always prioritize safety.

Here at Oxford Digital Media, we have inhouse drone operators waiting for your next project! Get in contact with us to find out more

Filming Your Next Big Event

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When filming an event, it’s important to plan and consider the logistics. Here are a few things to think about:

Determine what type of event you are hosting and how you want this to come across when filming this. It is also key to determine why you are filming the event. Are you hoping to stream this out live to widen your audience reach? Are you looking to film the event for the purpose of sharing the video on your platform later? Are you going to use pieces of the footage afterwards to create a highlights video? Make sure that you communicate this to us so that we can plan this ahead of time.

Letting us know the venue, location and filming requirements ahead of time is key: Communicating the filming requirements of the event means that we can plan ahead and tailor this to the venue you are using. If you are unsure of the venue’s audio-visual capabilities just let us know. We can always do a sight visit ahead of the event to confirm what we need to bring to get the best visuals and sound at your venue.  We work with a variety of venues each month so we may even already know the requirements for where you are hosting your event!

Make sure to share the schedule with us beforehand so we can follow this on the day. Give us prior access to your platforms if we are streaming this out and make sure there is a strong internet connection in the venue so we can stream this out at the highest quality.

By hiring us for your next big event you can make sure that everything runs smoothly! Get in contact with us to find out more

A Career in film!

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Film slate or movie clapper board on wood background

Building a career in film can be both challenging and rewarding. Here are some steps you can take to start building your career in this industry:

Get an education: Consider pursuing a degree in film or a related field, such as media studies, communications, or screenwriting. This can give you a strong foundation in the technical and creative aspects of filmmaking, as well as valuable networking opportunities.

Gain experience: Look for opportunities to gain experience in the industry, such as internships, assistant positions, or freelance work. This can help you build your skills, make industry connections, and get your foot in the door.

Build a portfolio: Create a portfolio of your work, including films you have directed, written, or produced, as well as any other relevant work you have done, such as cinematography or editing.

Network: Attend film festivals, industry events, and other networking opportunities to meet people in the industry and build your network. This can help you learn about job openings and get recommendations for future work.

Be persistent: Building a career in film can be a long and challenging process, so it’s important to be persistent and keep working towards your goals even when faced with rejection or setbacks.

Remember, building a successful career in film takes time, dedication, and hard work. By taking these steps, you can start laying the foundation for a successful career in this exciting and dynamic industry.

Get in contact with us to find out more

Let’s Get Animated!

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A great animation should captivate and engage its audience. Here are some key elements to think about:

Storytelling: A good animation has a compelling story that captures the audience’s attention and keeps them engaged. Whether the animation comes with an informative message, facts and figures or a heartfelt storyline, the visuals and dialogue should complement one another.

Visuals: The animation should be visually appealing and well-crafted. You also need to think about style and how this relates to your branding.

Fluidity and Timing: The animation should have smooth and fluid movements, with attention paid to the timing and pacing of the action.

Sound Design: The sound design of an animation is also important. The music, sound effects, and voice over should all be high-quality and support the story being told.

Key Message: A good animation should communicate a key message clearly and effectively. Whether that message is an emotional one, or an informational one, the visuals and voice over need to be concise and engaging to be able to connect with the audience.

Originality: An original and creative concept can set an animation apart from the rest. Unique characters, settings, or plot twists can make an animation memorable and enjoyable to watch.

Check out our Animation showreel to find out more. 

Tell us! We’ll Make it Happen!

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There are a few key steps you can take to effectively communicate what you want from a video:

1. Clearly define the purpose of the video. What is the main message or goal you want to convey? Where are you using it?

2. Make sure what you’re looking to film gives you the content you’re looking for.

3. Identify your target audience. Who will be watching the video and what do they need to know?

4. See what we offer – our team can help you create a storyboard, choose the right locations, and select the right talent to appear in the video.

5. Give us feedback! We take pride in including you along the way.

6. It’s a wrap! You now have an amazing product to utilise within your business with a little help from us!  If you’re feeling fancy, make sure to leave us a review!

By following these steps, you can ensure that your company video effectively communicates your message and achieves your desired outcomes!

Get in contact with us to find out more

Data, Data, Data!

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With so many projects going on at once, we have lots of data to store! Huge amounts of data go back and forth between clients and stakeholders while projects are under way, and we need a system that keeps up with our editors! That is why we invest in managing our data on super-fast broadband at a sizzling speed of 900mbs with Giga Clear. This has really given us the edge when it comes to sharing, storing, and processing data.

All our clients’ projects are kept on our RAID storage system. Once the project is finished and delivered, we archive the projects and keep them all on record!