• Media and communications for the NHS
  • Marketing and brand development for medical equipment companies
  • Communications and marketing for private health providers and the independent sector.
  • Educational and ‘outreach’ media for universities, medical publishers and charities.
  • Medical conference videos aimed at specialist audiences
  • Live video streaming and in-service training

ODM Medical is an exciting new partnership between established production company, Oxford Digital Media, medical film-maker Mike Tomlinson and medical journalist Helen Saul, bringing together a wealth of experience and expertise in video production for healthcare and medicine. The video production we offer includes:

• Media and communications for the NHS, with content for patients, staff and stakeholders, covering organisational development, service improvement, education and training, healthcare campaigns, staff recruitment, marketing and promotion.
• Marketing and brand development for medical equipment companies, including new technology start-ups.
• Communications and marketing for private health providers and the independent sector.
• Educational and ‘outreach’ media for universities, medical publishers and charities.
• Medical conference videos aimed at specialist audiences, promoting events and encouraging attendance, covering proceedings, or encapsulating new knowledge and research in skilfully edited short films.

About us
Oxford Digital Media has a number of prestigious clients in the field of medicine, having worked on video content across a broad range of promotional documentaries, product launch videos, live events and in-service training for e-learning platforms.

James Tomalin and his team of camera people, editors, producers and motion graphics experts have worked extensively on educational material for Oxford University Press (Oxford Medicine Online and medical Journals), McGraw Hill (Medical plugins for Learn Smart), National Association of Primary Care, Cochrane Collaboration, and numerous projects for NHS Innovations, pharmaceutical companies and University medical spin outs.



Mike Tomlinson (Orlando Media) is an experienced film-maker with a background in science documentary production for the BBC and other broadcasters. For the past 15 years, he has been working with the NHS, developing ways to use new digital media to communicate with patients and healthcare professionals. Mike is also experienced in working with specialist medical subjects for medical journals and research organisations in the UK and Europe. Within the NHS, Mike has worked with national organisations such as NHS Improvement and NHS Elect, and over 35 acute hospital trusts, CCGs, regional CSUs and primary care providers.


Helen Saul is a freelance medical and science journalist with a BA in Medical Sciences from Cambridge University. She has reported for radio (BBC Radio Four, BBC World Service) and television (Sky News), for magazines (New Scientist, Bella) and daily newspapers. She wrote an award-winning book on Phobias (Phobias: Fighting the Fear, published by HarperCollins). She worked originally with Mike Tomlinson on a story for BBC Newsnight and later, she and Mike produced the European Journal of Cancer’s monthly video report, EJC News Focus, interviewing opinion leaders in cancer research. More recently she produced audio podcast interviews for EJC.


Clients and case histories

Matthew’s Story
NHS Improvement have been running a series of national workshops to try to overcome problems in ambulance handover at A&E and they wanted to begin each session with a poignant reminder of the serious consequences that arise. Matthew’s Story is a video case history of one such episode.

The Poo Nurses
Consultant paediatricians were concerned at the number of children presenting at acute hospitals with chronic constipation, even though this can be dealt with effectively by parents with the help of their GPs. Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust have a childhood constipation service led by two engaging nurses (children call them ‘the poo nurses’) and we made this video aimed at parents with them in our green-screen studio. Winner of the 2017 Nursing Times Award.

The New CPA
East London NHS Foundation Trust launched new Care Programme Approach documentation and wanted a short video to introduce the new initiative to service users, carers and staff.

Gloucestershire NHS Stop Smoking Service
An animated video aimed at users of the Gloucestershire NHS Stop Smoking Service. Presented in a friendly and accessible style, it shows how to contact advisers as well as where to find information on the Web, Twitter and Facebook.

Southampton Hospital Doctor Recruitment
This video project was developed as part of a wider recruitment drive to attract doctors to work at the University Hospital in Southampton. Clear and succinct messaging delivered through one-on-one interviews gets to the essence of why Southampton is a great place to work and live.

Connect Nursing Case Study
A project for McGraw Hill educational publishers in which we filmed nursing lecturers and student nurses talking about the impact that the Connect system has had on their teaching and learning. It was used by McGraw Hill to promote the course to nursing course-directors internationally.

EJC News Focus
The monthly news report for the European Journal of Cancer (Elsevier). Professor Mike Stratton (Director of the Sanger Institute in Cambridge) discusses with Helen Saul how mutational changes in a cancer genome can point to the cause of the cancer.

US-based OncLive runs short focussed interviews with key opinion leaders in oncology. It allows professionals to learn about developments directly from their peers. Helen Saul interviewed the three experts in this video on non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).