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Summer was all about video quality

By September 8, 2016Blog, Uncategorized

Every great viewing experience starts with great quality footage

Global sporting events always remind us why the video shot in the stadium should be as high quality as possible.  For the broadcasters covering Rio, delivering quality images to our screens was a complex, challenging operation. Fast moving action and unpredictable events were shot by many different cameras and shooting positions.  Then they were converted to various broadcast standards and distributed across the world.

Every stage between the camera and the screen offers potential to lose video quality. And this will downgrade the viewing experience considerably.

Whether you are filming a global sports event or a corporate promo, all video and film footage is processed before it reaches the viewer. Footage for even the most simple production will go through editing and graphics. Then possibly signal processing, distribution and archiving.  

So whatever you are filming, a basic principle applies.  The better the image you start with, the better the video quality will be on the viewer’s screen, whether it’s a TV, laptop or mobile.  

This is why we invest in the best possible camera technology.  We have recently upgraded all of our cameras and are now completely 4K-capable in the studio, on location and for events capture.

So if you’re planning a video project, talk to us about how to give your audience the best possible viewing experience.