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  • Four In-House Editing Consoles
  • Additional Private Client Editing Room
  • 100TB+ of Raid Storage
  • Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Colour Grading
  • Super-Fast Gigabit Internet Connection
  • Backup ADSL Network
  • Audio Dubbing and Sound Mixing
  • High-End Editing Screens
  • Motion Graphics and On-Screen Text
  • Fast and Creative Edit Team
  • Superb Production Support
  • Relaxed and Creative Environment

Video Editing Suite

Video editing is at the core of our business. While our filming and production skills are first class, editing is really where the real magic begins. We have four in-house editors who work across all our projects. Each editor is equipped with a high-end editing console, while also having access to our private client editing suite where they can work with producers one on one. With a relaxed and creative atmosphere, our editing suites have the most up to date software, large dual monitors and super-fast fibre internet connections making our services as efficient as possible. As well as editing material that we originate ourselves, we are also constantly booked to edit, and post-produce material filmed elsewhere.

We can either work on our own with limited client involvement or through our on-line cloud-based collaboration tools, we can add increasing levels of client contact into the editing process. All editors are skilled in animation and motion graphics but when combined with the skills of our in-house animation team, our edits are really taken to the next level.

Do get in touch on 01865 241007 or contact us for a chat about your project.